Dordrecht DDT 62-1-5 - Shoe With Pullstrap Fastening and Decorated Vamp

I first came across this shoe through a pic on Pinterest, and immediately liked both the decoration as well as the method of fastening. With a bit of research I found that it is also recorded in Olaf Goubitz's Stepping Through Time.

The opening is on the lateral or outer side of the shoe. To create the pattern I used the method of taping my foot over a plastic bag, marking the lines of the seams and cutting and spreading it. In terms of technique, the shoe is a typical turnshoe, judging by the pictures of the original that are available to me, done with a flesh-edge sole seam without a rand. The upper is pieced together from 3 bits (4 in my reconstruction to save some leather). Turning went well, even with a 5mm sole. I used some leftover leather for the vamp part, which has a few mistakes and superficial cuts that are quite visible as this is more of a trial piece. Upper and fastening strap is goat leather, sole is cattle, top band is sheep.


  • Goubitz, Olaf, Carol van Driel-Murray, Willy Groenman-Van Waateringe. Stepping Through Time: Archaeological Footwear from Prehistoric Times Until 1800. pp157.