Shoe No. 021k&l from the Tomb of Tutankhamun

This is another of the shoes found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, so from 1323 BC probably.


Its overall design is of the same type as the shoe no. 270, but the decoration is rather different. The side walls are covered with a mesh of almost 500 square and round beads, the closing needed almost 400 rings of 2.5mm diameter to be brazed together to form small pipes of 16 rings each through which the leather strings are threaded.
The original coloring of the leathers is lost due to the bad state the leather is in, but most likely it was a combination of green and red. The green dye was done with copper verdigris, for the red I used madder. Leather was most likely fat/oil tanned and the color/dye only painted on the grain side as can be seen on other finds. The repousse work on the gold insole mimics that of the sandals made from plant (palm?) fibers. 


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