Castleford Caliga


Caligae after the finds from Castleford or Lagentium (cf. The finds come from a trench that was dated to the early 70s to ca. 86 AD. What is remarkable with these is that the ridge that is formed by the straps when the boot is closed, lies distinctly to the inside of the foot. Accordingly the tie straps very much differ in their lengths between the inside and the outside of the boot. In this respect they differ from the other well-known types of caligae from Mainz, Germany or Qasr Ibrim, Egypt. This feature also fits the dating, as we see this off-center ridge also in other boots from around the last quarter of the 1st century AD (e.g. the Vindolanda Calceus or the Köln Calceus No. 12), possibly making it a "fashion statement" of that time


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