Hardknott Calceus No. 2

The original find this reconstruction is based on comes from the Roman fort at Hardknott, which was established in the early 2nd century AD. Unoccupied for some time in mid-century it became garrisoned again after 160 AD.

The shoe bears a number of similarities with other 2nd century AD finds in terms of design (compare e.g. with the Bar Hill Calceus). Constructional details show the usual technical features, i.e. a one piece upper, construction over a last, and inner, middle and outer layers in the sole construction with the heavy nailing commonly assciated with shoes from military contexts.

The pictures below show a few of the construction steps, together with impressions of the finished shoe. Note how the cut-outs on the vamp relate to the shoe being worn with socks (made after a find from Egypt).


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